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Home Energy Tips

How To Be Energy Efficient At Home

how to save electricity at home

Countless recent news headlines warn us of the earth’s limited energy resources and the importance of saving energy. These concerns, paired with rising energy rates, may be causing you to ask yourself, “What can I do to be energy efficient at home?”

Why It’s Important For Homeowners To Be Energy Efficient

When homeowners make changes at home to be energy efficient, such as reducing their overall electricity usage, both the homeowner and the environment can reap the benefits. Along with potentially reducing electricity bills, homeowners can reduce their dependence on pollution-causing, nonrenewable fossil fuels.  This sounds like a great outcome for both homeowners and the global environment.

Instilling a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly way of life doesn’t mean making major changes to your current routine! While you may be worried that you’ll have to sit in the dark or wash your laundry by hand, there are many quick and easy tips that can add up to a sizable difference in your ecological footprint and your electricity consumed.

Tips To Be More Energy Efficient

Here are four ways to make a difference when it comes to your energy bills:

  1. Turn the light switch OFF: Did you know that lighting can account for 15% of your electricity, but can increase quickly if used more than necessary? A great habit to adopt is simply turning off lights when you leave the room.
  2. Replace old light bulbs: Use energy efficient light bulbs, like LEDs instead.
  3. Install smart technology: The latest smart technology can be a more expensive investment but will provide you with many benefits. Examples include motion sensor lights or thermostats that turn the heat or air conditioning on so that your home is cooled down before you get there.
  4. Upgrade outdated appliances: Tired of looking at your outdated dishwasher or washing machine? This is the perfect time to replace them! Chances are a newer one with an “energy-efficient” or ENERGY STAR rating will use less energy, so there’s no better time than now to upgrade!

Does Unplugging Devices Actually Increase Energy Efficiency?

Pretty straightforward, right? If something is unplugged, no electricity is being used. But, did you know, that even if your devices are turned off, they can still draw power, whether it’s charged to 100% or not? It’s true!  Simply unplugging any electronics, appliance, or charger can help bring this number down and put money in your pocket.


While it does require discipline to change some habits, there are only positive outcomes to reducing the amount of electricity you use in your home. Not only can you help reduce pollution, but you could reduce your electricity bill while working towards a more energy-efficient lifestyle.

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